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How To Make A Good Job Move
Key Factors in picking the right firm for you
No two firms are the same. 
Moving firms can change your life and how you feel about your career.

Why?  How?   And how do you find the right firm? 

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Some additional key factors:
  • Quality of the client base. 
  • The size of the clients will determine the types of work you get to see and what your role is in delivering it.
  • Quality of partners and colleagues
  • You don’t want to always be the smartest person in the room. If you are then how are you going to learn and develop?
  • Management and structure of the team
  • Who is your line manager? How do they supervise? How much latitude will they give you and on what?
  • Can you get involved in business development? 
  • If so how? What scope do you have to use your initiative?
  • Culture of the firm. 
  • How do people behave towards superiors, equals and subordinates? 
  • What is the career path? 
  • How do you get to the next level and how long does it take? What is beyond that? What criteria are used to measure performance, are they written down and are they actually followed?
What You'll Get On The Call...
Progression Check
Most of the time we try to fit ourselves into the firms we work for. However, we look at progression from your perspective. How does your current company, role and pay check fit into your version of career success and are you on track to achieve your goals?
Your Questions Answered
We have helped hundreds of lawyers and hundreds of firms therefore we are highly knowledgable about the market. Can partners have a good work life balance? Am I eligible for a pay rise? How do I know what type of firm is the best fit for me?
A Road Map to Success
You will leave the call knowing what you need to do next in order to achieve progress towards your goals as quickly and as smoothly as possible. If you've ever felt your career progression is not in your control, this will show you otherwise.
What's In It For Us?
We are a relationship driven business, this gives us an opportunity to get to know you and build a relationship with you. 
Our hope is that when you do start thinking about a career move, you will see us as the right people to represent you and advise you. 
We also hope that you will recommend us to any of your friends who are thinking about career moves.

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Career Strategy Session Testimonials
My consultation with Philip Jepson was really useful. He provided me with some great advice in relation to general future prospects. I felt at ease speaking to Phil, which meant that I was able to speak openly about how I felt I was doing at work. The most useful thing however was that Phil helped to improve my confidence, which I hope will assist me considerably when progressing in my career.
You asked about my experience, questioned my aspirations, and was genuinely interested in me as a person.
It was really great to be able to speak with someone with so much experience and to hear what his advice and opinions were on things and for that person to not really know anything about me prior. I also felt encouraged to re-evaluate my approach to applications, interviews and even the type of firms that I will consider applying for. I have already recommended Phil to one of my colleagues and I will continue to recommend him to my legal connections.
Who Are Jepson Holt?
We are the product of the combined experience and expertise of Phil and Mark.
Phil is the Chairman and co-founded Jepson Holt in 2004. Mark is the CEO and joined in January 2018.

We help law firms grow their businesses by executive search and senior recruitment and by mergers & acquisitions. 

Phil has become a leading commentator on the legal market and is often invited to speak privately to firms or publicly to legal groups about change and development which affects the Legal Services market and lawyers. He has particular experience and expertise in the regional legal markets. 

He qualified as a Solicitor in 1989 at a top 50 law firm. He became a Partner in 1992 and an equity partner in 1994. He spent 15 years working in law firms and has experience at 4 firms, 3 of them in the Top 50. He practised in the North West, the Midlands and Yorkshire and led teams, multi sited business groups and an office. Before setting up Jepson Holt in September 2004, Phil worked as a Director at an established legal executive search consultancy.

Mark spent 17 years working as a litigation lawyer and legal business leader before moving into executive search. He spent 10 years establishing and leading a specialist legal executive search consultancy in London before moving to Manchester. Mark has particular expertise on the London and international legal markets.

Phil and Mark both understand the highs and lows of being a senior figure and a leader within a law firm and have each dedicated over 10 years of their careers to creating and delivering solutions for the challenges that cause law firm leaders and senior lawyers the most problems.

Experience suggests that many of those challenges relate to finding the right people and putting them in the right roles.
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